Julio Martinez

I'm an incoming PhD student at Stanford University interested in working on neural systems for planning, building models of theory-of-mind, and developing core models of intuitive physics. I hope to build models that better explain how these processes are computed in the human brain while advancing the current state of AI. I'll be advised by Dan Yamins and Noah Goodman.

Currently I'm a Technical Associate in the Kanwisher lab at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research and the Center for Brains, Minds, and Machines (CBMM) at MIT where I work on understanding modular organization and task selectivity in artificial neural networks and the human brain. I also have experience working at Apple and Adobe applying machine learning to problems in predicting behavior and in classifying content in audio-visual data. I have an MS from the Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering (ICME) at Stanford University and a BS with a double major in Mathematics and Engineering Sciences/Structural Engineering from the University of California San Diego.

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  • June 2021: Fellowship Award - Awarded Inaugural Human Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) Graduate Fellowship.
  • April 2021: Fellowship Award - Awarded VPGE/EDGE Fellowship.
  • April 2021: PhD Program - Accepted Stanford's PhD offer of admission to work with Dan Yamins and Noah Goodman.
  • July 2019: New Job - Joined MIT as a Technical Associate for the Kanwisher lab at McGovern and CBMM.
  • Jan 2019: New Job - Returned to Apple.
  • Dec 2019: Graduation - Graduated from ICME at Stanford.
  • June 2018: Internship - Joined Apple as a machine learning intern.
  • June 2017: Internship - Returned to Adobe Research.
  • June 2016: MS Program - Started Master's program at ICME.
  • June 2016: Internship - Joined Adobe Research as an intern and GEM fellow to work on machine learning for video advertising.
  • June 2016: Graduation - Graduated from UC San Diego.
  • April 2016: Fellowship Award - Awarded GEM Fellowship.

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